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Our villas are located on the main road, 270 metres from the entrance of Kattavia village and the turn of Prasonisi.

Become a part of the life of the traditional village of Kattavia. Feel the hospitality of the local people and enjoy the countryside of South Rhodes. Using Villa Romeo, Villa Juliette or Villa Panormitis as a start point, you can explore the whole island. The exotic Prasonisi is only 5 minutes away, the beach of Apolakia is just 3 minutes drive away (2 kilometers), the castle of Monolithos is almost 25 minutes drive far, and you can reach at the adorable village of Lindos within 25 minutes!

Distances from Prasonisi Villas

  • 270 meters from Kattavia village (grocery store, restaurants)
  • 5 minutes from Prasonisi beach (café, restaurants)
  • 2 km from Apolakia beach (3 minutes)
  • 9 Km from Plimmiri beach (10 minutes)
  • 14 Km from Lachania village (restaurant)
  • 25 minutes from the castle of Monolithos
  • 25-30 minutes from Lindos

With every booking, we give a guide which includes useful information about holidays in Rhodes (suggestions for daily excursions), and for local amenities.

Reach the Prasonisi Villas

From the airport:

By taxi - costs 100€-110€ for up to 5 people. You’ll tell the driver to stop at Prasonisi Villas, 100 metres before the turn of Prasonisi, on the main road.

By car - Follow the route to Faliraki. Follow only the main road to Kattavia. At the crossroads of Lindos, turn right to Kattavia and continue straight on the main road. When you’ll reach at the entrance of Kattavia, turn left (instead of straight), and you’ll see Prasonisi Villas on your left, after 50 metres.

From Rhodes’ town (mandraki):

By bus (from 1/6 to 30/9) - Take the bus to Prasonisi and get off at Kattavia’s station (main square). Daily itinerary at 09:00 am. Ticket costs 10,40€ one way. The route is 85 Kilometres.

Nearby to Prasonisi Villas

  • Distance to Kattavia: 270 m
  • Distance to Apolakia beach: 2 km
  • Distance to Prasonisi: 8 km
  • Distance to Plimmiri beach: 9 km
  • Distance to Lachania: 14 km
  • Distance to Apolakkia: 17 Km
  • Distance to Gennadi: 20 km
  • Distance to Monolithos’ Castle: 30 km
  • Distance to Pefkos: 36 km
  • Distance to Lindos Village Centre: 40 km
  • Distance to Rodos City Centre: 85 km
  • Nearest Beach Bar: Piccolo Beach Bar (Plimmiri) 9 km
  • Restaurants in Kattavia, Plimmiri, Lachania, Apolakkia, and Gennadi Villages
  • Bakery in Gennadi Village
  • Nearest Pharmacy, Dentist & Doctor: Gennadi, 20 km